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Support the movement, Jamaican School's Fundraiser Organized by Sean Rowe


My name is Sean Rowe and I am a 16-year-old student at the Saint James School in Hagerstown, Maryland. I have created an initiative to achieve my goal of raising funds to purchase gifts for two schools in my parents’ home country of Jamaica. I have partnered with some of my fellow students at Saint James School, and my Godmother, who have all come up with ways in which we would like to achieve our goals to give back. The goal is to fundraise as much money as we can. In the summer, if it is safe to travel, I would like to take my fellow team members on this project on a trip to Jamaica with more supplies than we sent in the first round of fundraising. We would like to give directly to the children of the schools, that are heavily impacted due to the lack of tablets and little to no access to the internet. We want to help with their educational needs. The main goal of the first set of donations will be to raise as much money as we possibly can to send tablets and support internet access, I have selected Maggotty High School and Kendal Primary School. We would like to donate all proceeds of our initiative to these schools that are in rural Jamaica. The goal is to directly give all the funds that are raised to be divided between both schools. We are hoping to have the first round of donations between the months of February and April.

(The other goal is to split the second donation round in half between amount given back and to see separately how much we can raise for us to personally deliver the second round of gifts to the school directly in person.).

The ways people can help is to make donations via the Go Fund Me page that I have created for the school. That is the goal for the first initiative draft, thank you so much and thank you for reading. God Bless and hope you have a wonderful day.

Sean Rowe

Kindly make your donation from the link below. Thank you.

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